Apart from academics, our department also encourages students to partake of extracurricular activities. These make for a colorful university life, as well as inculcate valuable life experiences and social skills in our students.

The Student Association of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (SAMME) is the student organization that was formed to represent the current student body of the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. It consists of a team of four major posts, namely the posts of President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer. The Head of the Department acts as the President and a Teacher acts as the Treasurer. Each year, elections are held in each of the classes of the department to nominate a class representative for participation in SAMME. The posts of SAMME are assigned according to seniority, e.g. the Vice President being elected from the senior-most class, the General Secretary being from the second senior-most class, and so on.

SAMME fulfills a number of important responsibilities. It is in charge of raising and distributing funds for the student activities of the department. It also carries the entire responsibility of organizing the programs undertaken by the students of MME. Of the programs that are organized by the department, the most notable is the annual MME Fest. It usually comprises of an inaugural rally, game show, cultural night, short film exhibition by the students of the Department, poster competition and job seminar. The highlight of the event is, of course, the MME Cultural Night, where the students of MME showcase their diverse talents in music, drama and comedy.

SAMME also organizes a variety of seminars and competitions to promote knowledge and learning outside of the syllabus. For example, it has hosted poster and presentation contests as well as crystal structure modeling competitions. These have been organized with the purpose of encouraging students to research and gain knowledge outside of the classrooms and also promoting team-work. A variety of technical seminars are also organized by SAMME in order to familiarize the students with the real-life applications of what they learn from the courses. Job seminars are hosted to promote employment of the students graduating from the department.

Recreational activities are arranged by SAMME to provide the students with a break from the rigors of studies. Included among these activities are annual inter-batch football and cricket tournaments. An annual picnic is arranged by SAMME for current students, which is a day-long outing to a scenic spot where students as well as teachers get to enjoy themselves with game-shows and various group activities.

The Department of MME is a small but tightly knit family. Apart from illuminating your academic/professional career prospects, this family will also paint your varsity life in all the hues of joy and nostalgia. Hello and Welcome to the Family!