As a materials science graduate you will have excellent career prospects and will be in demand from a wide range of employers meaning that you will be rewarded accordingly. For example, there are opportunities in materials production and fabrication, public utilities, research and development, consultancy and design, education, technical sales and marketing. If you choose to enter industry, we hope that your positive experience of studying materials science at BUET will encourage you to form strong links with the department during the course of your career. The broad base of science and technology, which is a feature of all our materials programmes, allows graduates to complete well for jobs where a specific degree is not required, such as accountancy, journalism, computing, the civil service or the armed forces.
Since Materials Science is an exciting and continuously developing subject, research is an important aspect of the discipline. Many of our best graduates continue at university to study for a higher degree, such as PhD, or affiliate with university or other research organisation to do research in many aspects of materials science.


The well-established reputation of materials science and engineering programme at BUET means that we have strong and fruitful linkage programme with renowned foreign universities such as Catholeik University of Leuven, Belgium, Birmingham University, UK, Hong Kong University, University of Malaya, Malaysia, National University of Singapore, South Korean University of Science and Technology, etc. Students with a good GPA can apply to these universities through the department for higher studies.

Several scholarships are available for full-time students. Some of these include Teaching Assistanceship (TA), Research Assistanceship (RA), BRTC Project Research Assistanceship, BUET-KUL Link Programme Fellowship, Prime Minister’s Scholarship, University Grants Commission Fellowship, and NST Fellowship. For additional information concerning these fellowships/scholarships, please contact the Department of MME.