The total performance of a student in a given course is based on a scheme of continuous assessment. For theory courses this continuous assessment is made through a set of quizzes/in class evaluation, class participation, homework assignments, and a term final examination.
Thirty per cent of marks of a theoretical course shall be allotted for continuous assessment i.e. quizzes and homework assignments, in class evaluation and class participation. The remainder of marks will be allotted to Term Final examination of 3-hour duration, which will be conducted centrally by the university. There will be internal and external examiners for each course in the term final examination. The distribution of marks for a given theoretical course will be as follows:

                                1.   Class participation                                         10 %

                                2.   Homework assignments and quizzes        20 %

                                3.   Term final examination:

                                        Internal (Section A)                                       35 %

                                        External (Section B)                                      35 %

                                                                                            Total =  100%


All students are expected to attend classes regularly. The university believes that attendance is necessary for effective learning. The first responsibility of a student is to attend classes regularly, and one is required to attend at least 60% of all classes held in every course. Basis for awarding marks for class participation and attendance will be as follows:



90% and above


85% to less than 90%


80% to less than 85%


75% to less than 80%


70% to less than 75%


65% to less than 70%


60% to less than 65%


Less than 60%



For 2 credit courses 2 best out of 3, for 3 credit courses 3 best out of 4, and for 4 credit courses 4 best out of 5 quizzes may be considered for awarding grade. These may be considered as the minimum recommended number of quizzes for any course.
The assessment in laboratory/sessional courses is made through observation of the student at work in class, viva-voce during laboratory hours, and quizzes. As stated earlier, each course has a certain number of credits that describe its weightage. A letter grade with a specified number of grade points is awarded in each course for which a student is registered. The number of credits that he/she has completed satisfactorily and the weightage average of the grade points that he/she has maintained measure a student’s performance. A minimum grade point average is required to be maintained for satisfactory progress. Also a minimum number of earned credits should be acquired in order to qualify for the degree.
Letter grades and corresponding grade points will be awarded in accordance with the provisions shown below:


Numerical Grade Letter Grade Grade Point
80% or above A+ (A plus)


75% to less than 80% A   (A regular)


70% to less than 75% A-  (A minus)


65% to less that 70% B+ (B plus)


60% to less than 65% B   (B regular)


55% or less than 60% B-  (B minus)


50% to less than 55% C+ (C plus)


45% to less than 50% C   (C regular)


40% to less than 45% D   (D regular)


Less than 40% F


Continuation(for project and thesis) X


Calculation of GPA
Grade point average (GPA) is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all the courses passed/completed by a student. Suppose a student has completed five courses in a term and obtained the following grades:





Grade Points

MME  203




EEE 205




ME  207




Math  205




Hum  203





Then his GPA for the term will be as follows:

Earned Credits

The courses in which a student has obtained ‘D’ or a higher grade will be counted as credits earned by him/her. Any course in which a student has obtained ‘F’ grade will not be counted towards his/her earned credits. A student who obtains an ‘F’ grade in any Core Course in any term, he/she will have to repeat the course. If a student obtains a ‘F’ grade in an Optional Course, he/she may choose to repeat the course or take a substitute course if available.
F grades will not be counted for GPA calculations but will stay permanently on the Grade Sheet and Transcript. When a student will repeat a course in which he/she previously obtained a ‘F’ grade, he/she will not be eligible to get a grade better than ‘B’ in such course.
If a student obtains a grade lower than ‘B’ in a course, he/she will be allowed to repeat the course only once for the purpose of grade improvement by forgoing his/her earlier grade, but he/she will not be eligible to get a grade better than ‘B’ in such a course. A student will be permitted to repeat for grade improvement purposes a maximum of four courses in the B.Sc Engg. programme.
If a student obtains ‘B’ or better grade in a course, he/she will not be allowed to repeat the course for the purpose of grade improvement.