Registration Requirements
Any student who makes use of classroom or laboratory facilities or faculty time is required to register formally. Being admitted to the university, each student is assigned to a student adviser.  The student can register for courses he intends to take during a given term only on the basis of the advice and consent of his/her adviser. For registration, the student must have a valid username and password required for login to BIIS. If he/she has not received his login credentials, he/she must contact IICT or appointed adviser as soon as possible.

1.    Course Registration Procedure
Students must register for each class in which they will participate. Each student will have to fill up a Course Registration Form online in BIIS in consultation with and under guidance of his adviser. He/she should contact his adviser after completing the form to check whether the registration details have been properly forwarded to the concerned adviser. The date of registration will be announced in advance by the registrar’s office. Much counselling and advising are accomplished at the registration time.
Late registration is permitted during the first week on payment of a late registration fee. Students having outstanding dues to the university or a hall of residence shall not be permitted to register. All students must clear their dues before registration.
However, for the first year students, prior department-wise enrolment/ admission is mandatory. An orientation programme will be conducted for them at the beginning of the first term when they will be handed over the departmental handbook after producing enrolment slip/proof of admission.

2.    Limits on the Credit Hours to be Taken
A student must enrol for at least 15 credit hours in each term. He/she may be allowed to enrol in up to a maximum of 24 credit hours if recommended by his/her adviser. A student must enrol for the prescribed laboratory/sessional courses in the respective term within the allowed credit-hour limits.

3.    Course Adjustment Procedure
A student will have some limited options to add to delete courses from his/her registration list. He/she may add courses only within the first two weeks of a term.  In case of dropping a course, a student will be allowed to do so within four weeks after the commencement of a term. Adjustment of initially registered courses in any term can be done online through BIIS.
The adviser and the head of the concerned department must approve all changes in courses. To add/drop a course, respective teacher’s consent will be required.

4.    Withdrawal from a Term
If a student is unable to complete the Term Final Examination due to serious illness or serious accident, he/she may apply to the Head of the department for total withdrawal from the Term within a week after the end of the Term Final Examination. However, he/she may choose not to withdraw any laboratory/ sessional course if the grade obtained in such a course is ‘D’ or better. A medical certificate from the Chief Medical Officer of the University must support the application.