To complement testing results, our experts offer interpretation together with impartial, independent and practical advice. Based on our diversified industrial knowledge and the close work that we do with many regulatory bodies, we can guide you through the maze of current regulations and guidelines to ensure that your products receive certification quickly and cost-effectively. Test and consultation reports provided by the department are widely accepted both to national and international levels.
Type of Consultation Work Performed
1.   Grade confirmation
2.   Corrosion study, failure analysis, process analysis, etc.
3.   Evaluation of project proposal, specification of machine and equipment, tender document, etc.
4.   Rolling mill/furnace/incinerator design
5.   Organisation of seminar/workshop/training programme on specialised topics.
Representative list of consultancy services provided
Highlighted List of Consultancy Service Provided by the Department of MME of BUET
1. Design of exhaust gas cleaning system for steel mills
2. Design and development of an integrated testing facilities to verify fire-resistance property of fire-doors
3. Corrosion study and metallurgical tests of automobile bodies for market evaluation purposes
4. Investigation of the accident of a fighter aircraft of Bangladesh Air Force
5. Failure analysis of Gas Transmission Pipelines of GTCL
6. Design and development of facilities for the first time in Bangladesh to use natural Titas gas as a carburising medium for surface hardening of low carbon steel parts in industries during the early years of post-liberation era of Bangladesh
7. Design of an incinerator for Padma Oil Ltd., Chittagong
8. Failure analysis of super-heater tubes of Thermal Power Plant
9. Design and construction of a gas-fired gas carburising furnace with automatic control system for industries
10. Development of liquid nitriding facilities for Bangladesh Ordinance Factory, Gazipur
11. Improvement of quality and production of steel of KSRM Ltd.
12. Fatigue test of TMT ribbed steel bars
13. Examination of root causes of corrosion in household copper conductor and high tension bare aluminium conductor cables
14. Corrosion study of aluminium tube of radial beam of the 3MW TRIGA Mark-II Research Reactor of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC), Savar, Dhaka
15. Evaluation of the cold rolling and annealing facilities of PHP Steels, Chittagong
16. Failure analysis of LP gas turbine blades of Chittagong Power Plant, Raozan, of Bangladesh Power Development Board
17. Assessment of production facilities of a ceramic tiles factory and quality of the produced tiles given to Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
18. Analysis of failure of super-heater tubes of Natural Gas Fertiliser Factory Limited, Fenchuganj, of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation
19. Investigation of the damage of railway lines and girder bridges caused by the devastating fire at Magurchchara gas well, Habiganj
20. Assessment of tube manufacturing and welding processes to be used for natural gas pipe lines of Petrobangla
21. Project evaluation of Tiendy Ceramic Industries, Savar, Dhaka
22. Advice on electroplating to Bangladesh Cycle Industries, Tejgoan
23. Development of low melting point alloys for use in the fusible plugs of food grain SILOS in Narayangonj
24. Development of replacement materials for components of injection moulding machine of Bata Shoe Company, Dhaka
25. Expert services given to M/S Flux Services on Radiography
26. Design and construction of an incinerator for a poultry farm at Valuka, Mymensingh
27. Failure analysis of liquid ammonia cylinder of a fertiliser company
28. Failure analysis of boiler tube at Khulna power plant
29. Identification of the reasons for corrosion in CGI sheet
30. Recycling of catalyst waste of gas fertiliser factory
31. Design of Terms of References (ToR) for ship breaking and recycling safety agency recruitment under the Ministry of Industries, Government of Bangladesh
32. Failure analysis of CGI roof sheet of factory warehouse of BSRM Ltd.
33. Inspection of ducting and piping materials and setup for Daikin VRB machine for Buro Bangladesh
34. Assessment of reasons of frequent failure of roof tubes of furnace chamber of 10-MW unit boiler at Siddhirganj Power Station, Dhaka
35. The corrosion behaviour of stainless steels and brass strainer materials for Teesta Barrage Project, BWDB
36. Study of manufacturing of shell of mill rollers for Bangladesh Sagar and Food Industries Corporation, Dhaka
37. Failure on swan neck equalising beam for Bangladesh Railway
38. Examination of failure of liners of axel box, axel guide and buffer shank for Bangladesh Railway
39. Study of Galvanisation and qualitative properties of the bolt connected portable steel bridges imported by the Government of Bangladesh
40. Heat treatment of Hadfield manganese steel liners for cement mills in the Precision Alloy Steels Ltd., Savar, Dhaka
41. Quality of materials of portable steel bridge of Roads and Highways Department of the Government of Bangladesh
42. Failure analysis of primary reformer tubes of Zia Fertiliser Factory, Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria
43. Inspection of structural items imported from Zamil Steel for the construction of an industry at Narayanganj by Bengal Sakai Steel Service Ltd., Sena Kalyan Bhaban, Dhaka
44. Investigation of damaged camshaft of a Diesel Engine of Bay Agro Industries Ltd., Gazipur