1.  A letter submitted to the “Director, BRTC, BUET, Dhaka” or “Head, Department of MME, BUET, Dhaka” indicating the details of the tests to be carried out or the problems for which the consultation is sought initiates the process and the work normally begins after payment of the required fee. Often a long deliberation with the technical personnel of the customer organisation and/or visit to site is required to determine the exact nature of test/consultation work. All fees can be paid by cash, cheque or pay order and the cheques or pay orders should be made payable to “Director, BRTC, BUET.”
2.  All test fees mentioned in the attached tables are approximate and should be used as a guideline only. For an exact fee, please contact the Department of MME, BUET. The fees also exclude 15% contingency (for tests) and 15% VAT for test and consultation works.
To obtain the service, the concerned party should follow the steps below.

  • Bring sample and letter mentioning the tests required. A sample letter can be found here.
  • Contact CTC coordinator of the department of MME to discuss about the tests and fees, and the coordinator can assign a BRTC reference number. Alternatively, the coordinator may request the person to get the BRTC reference number and a P/A form from BRTC office.
  • If the party agrees with the fees, a deposit slip will be generated by the coordinator. Alternatively, he may ask the party to collect the deposit slip from BRTC office.
  • Then, the party will deposit the amount using the deposit slip at Sonali Bank, BUET branch or provide a cheque of same amount payable to Director, BRTC, BUET. In case of cheque, the cheque should be deposited at BRTC office.
  • After making the payment, the party should bring the remaining of the deposit slip to the CTC coordinator of MME so that the coordinator can make a copy of the slip as an evidence of payment. The party should write down his contact details including mobile number on the photocopied page.
  • In case, the party intends to pay VAT at source and income tax in advance, it should be mentioned on the letter and proper evidences, such as chalan etc., should be given to the coordinator.
  • If required, the party can ask for a bill for the payment he made. This as well can be provided by the coordinator through BRTC office.

For detailed information and exact quote, please contact:
BRTC Coordinator

Dept. of MME
BUET, Dhaka 1000
Mobile 880 1741 362 504
Telephone 880 2 5516 7100 ext 7629